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Damage to Hotels

Bed bugs cost a hotel £10,000s each year. The cost comes in several stages. Treatment cost and guest compensation come first; the lasting impacts of reputation damage come later.


Bed Bug Resurgence

In the past 20 years bed bugs have made a startling resurgence which shows no signs of slowing down. There's not much you can do to stop bed bugs entering your hotel, so how can you protect your guests?


Protecting hotel guests

The only way to prevent guests coming into contact with bed bugs is to know when and where bed bugs are in your hotel. Our discreet and reliable bed bug monitors are on the lookout 24/7 and can detect infestations within hours of them arriving. 


Improve guest experience

By detecting an infestation before your guests do, you can ensure they won't see any bed bugs. Automatic, continuous monitoring is the only way you'll know about bed bugs before your guests do.


Reduce Financial Damage

Finding an infestation early means you find it when it is still small. Smaller infestations are easier and less expensive to treat. You also avoid compensation costs by protecting guests from bed bugs in the first place.


Protect Your reputation

Online review websites heavily influence where guests choose to stay. Experiences with bed bugs will lead to negative reviews online. By avoiding guests coming into contact with bed bugs you can prevent these negative reviews. 


Easy setup

Step 1: place a detector under each mattress - no need to worry about finding a power outlet or running wires to the detector!

Step 2: Plug in one of our long-range base stations in your back office.

Step 3: Let us take over. When one of our devices spots something, we'll let you know.


fit and forget

Our detectors are battery powered and last for a whole year. After a year, we send you replacement detectors and you swap them out for the old ones.

Other than that you can relax knowing that we are on the lookout 24/7. 


intelligent Identification

We analyse the detections to make sure you're only notified about genuine incidents.

No false alarms.

No wasted time inspecting rooms. 


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